jigdo-files.sh -j file.jigdo [-t target_dir ...] [-f search_dir ...] [-d disc.iso]


This script helps to create a folder with parts required by a Jigdo file. For each part required a directory structure is made so the part is available under the path specified in file.jigdo.

Given the file.jigdo the script will search target_dir (default '.') for files required by this file. If more target_dirs are specified the script treats their contents as if they were in target_dir. If some are missing it will try to find them and copy to target_dir/path_in_jigdo. If disc.iso is specified then the script tries to mount it and search it for missing files. If one or more search_dirs are specified they are searched for missing files.


jigdo_files.sh -j debian.jigdo

Check if the current directory is a proper partial mirror for debian.jigdo.

jigdo_files.sh -j etch.jigdo -d sarge.iso -t ~/mirror -t ~/mirror_merge -f /var/cache/apt/archives -f /var/cache/apt-p2p/cache -f /var/cache/debtorrent

Feed ~/mirror with files required by etch.jigdo found on sarge.iso and in various .deb caches and not found in ~/mirror_merge.